Limiting account misuse

Account sharing for B2B publishers – part 2 So, you’ve identified that account sharing is a problem for your business. What do you do about it? There are two distinct strategies here: You can actively make it harder to share accounts; or You can passively track the users who share their accounts, then use that […]

The cost of account sharing

Account sharing for B2B publishers – part 1 Account sharing is incredibly prevalent across the whole digital subscriptions space. Maybe you let a mate of yours use one of your Netflix family profiles. Perhaps there’s a SaaS tool you find really useful and you shared your login to it with a colleague because it was […]

Separation of concerns

Best-of-breed – part 3 In this series (part 1 / part 2), I have been writing about the merits of best-of-breed, as the middle ground between monoliths and microservices. So far, the subject has been limited to just the scale of the software – how many functions should one unit handle. There is another facet […]

How big should your software be?

Best-of-breed – part 2 In the previous post, I talked about the extremes of a spectrum of enterprise software architectures: from large monoliths down to microservices. tl;dr Monoliths are potentially simple solutions but inflexible; micro-services are very agile but come with architectural complexity. At the end of the post, I touched upon the question of […]

The monolith to microservice spectrum

Best-of-breed software part 1 This is the first in a three part series, covering: The spectrum from monolith to microservice (this post) Advise on where you should aim for on that spectrum How to decide where to separate concerns Enterprise software buyers have a really hard job. Aside from the specifics of meeting requirements, there’s […]

Julia Sets with HTML Canvas

I’ve been reminding myself about Julia Sets recently, so I thought I’d build on using HTML Canvas. There are a bunch of Java applets out there but I’ve not seen one in canvas. Seems to work quickly and can be saved as an image; if you want you can change the canvas size or the […]

Steve Krug’s Ironic Law of Usability

Get rid of half of the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left – Steve Krug’s Third Law of Usability So that’s “Remove three quarters of the words”, then?

Factmint Charts WordPress plugin

We, at Factmint, have just released a WordPress plugin to create data visualizations in a WordPress blog. So, I thought I’s give it a go: Top ten countries by GDP source wikipedia The plugin is here, if people are interested.

Nice numbers part 2: scales

In part 1 I talked about a problem when developing scales built algorithmically. For example choosing numbers on an axis: If you want five ticks on the side of bar chart, and the range is 0 – 8, you could do 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. But what about 0 – 5? That would be […]

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